Level 3A

Song Without Words #1
Song Without Words #2
Song Without Words #3
Lesson 4, II
Lesson 8, II
Holla Hi Holla Ho
Waltzing Matilda
Lesson 23, II


Level 4A

March from Scipio
German Dance
Andante from Surprise
Minuet by Handel
Symphony No. 1


Level 5A

Gavotte by Handel
Exercise in Third Position

Level 3B

For the Beauty
College Hymn
Muffin Man
German Chorale
Honor Audition Piece


Level 4B

March by Handel
Trio and Minuet
Two Airs
Minuet by Bach
Honor Audition Piece


Level 5B

Allegro Moderato
Honor Audition Piece

Level 3C

Minstrel Boy
Working On the Railroad
Galway Piper
Dancing through Corn
The Rain has Stopped
Glendy Burke
Festival Song #1
Festival Song #2


Level 4C

Gavotte by Corelli
Gavotte by Dandrieu
Festival Song #1
Festival Song #2


Level 5C

Sonata No. 7
Festival Song #1
Festival Song #2

Level 3D

Etude 1
Sourwood Mountain
Happy Plowman
Etude 3
Exercise in 1st Position
Alla Turca



Level 4D

Rondo a Capriccio
Gavotte by Gossec
Hunters Chorus
Etude No. 1


Level 5D

Etude 33- Violin
Etude 33- Vla/Cel
Seitz Concerto - Violin
Seitz Concerto - Vla/Cel
Seitz Concerto90 - Violin
Seitz Concert90 - Vla/Cel